Welcome to CopyByte

On the Internet, copyright can be a very scary thing.

On one side, you have rampant piracy issues that virtually ensure almost any work will be made available unlawfully on the Web. On the other, you have aggressive copyright holders who file takedown notices and lawsuits by the hundreds or even thousands, crating a climate of fear and anger.

In a digital world where virtually anything can be shared with the touch of a button, finding a balance between taking advantage of that sharing and protecting yourself and your work is extremely difficult, especially considering the rapidly-changing legal, technological and political landscape.

Fortunately, CopyByte is here to help.

CopyByte provides a series of consulting and other services aimed at helping clients navigate these murky waters. These services range from consulting with content creators about their copyright strategies (including licensing, detection, enforcement, etc.) to beta testing and supporting developers of copyright-related products. CopyByte has also performed plagiarism analyses, both for impending court cases and for academic institutions and provide solutions for Web hosts looking for help with their copyright and other abuse issues.

Specifically, CopyByte targets six different groups including:

If you feel that CopyByte can help you, please feel free to contact us and let us know. We will be happy to talk with you about your needs and devise a plan that can work best for you.