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On the Internet, your content IS Your presence. Protect your work.

Whether you’re a photographer, an author, a musician or a filmmaker, your work is valuable. Don’t let pirates make your work available for free or your competitors plagiarize your hard work.

We have 20 years of experience filing DMCA takedowns and have helped hundreds of clients protect their work. We’ve dealt with everything from plagiarizing business to massive piracy campaigns.

We offer transparent pricing, a highly effective approach to getting content removed and legendary customer service. We are here to help.

How it Works

Step 1: We Find the Infringement

The first step is to simply find the infringement.

Likely, if you've made it this far you've already found one or more infringements you want to remove. If so, we offer a complimentary service to ensure that those are the only ones of interest. If you don't have any links, we can help search for your work and see if our service is necessary.

We also provide a low-cost monitoring service to track ongoing infringements of your work. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in either.

Step 2: You Give Us Approval

Once we know the URLs we are targeting, we will send a quote to you for the project. That quote is all that you will pay.

Along with that quote will be a short agreement that grants us permission to serve as an agent acting on your behalf for filing the notices. That gives us the authorization to file the notices.

Once we have that authorization, we can then move on to filing the notices.

Step 3: We File the DMCA Notice

Once we have the needed authorization, we begin work on the first round of notices. We typically are able to send those off the same day or the next business day.

The first round of notices goes to whoever is hosting the content. These notices are successful a large percentage of the time and work to completely remove the content, usually within 1-5 days. This is, by far, both our ideal and most common result.

Once the work is removed, the case is marked as closed.

Step 4: We Follow Up as Needed

Though most notices work on the first attempt, sometimes follow-ups are necessary. We typically wait 5-10 days and, if the content has not been removed, take additional steps.

What those steps vary from case to case. Sometimes it is simply resending the original notice, other times we locate additional hosting providers. In cases where complete removal is impossible, we file a notice with the search engines and seek the removal of the content from there.

All follow-ups are free and are included in the price of the original DMCA notice. There is never an additional charge.

Why Choose Us?

Protect Your Privacy

Don't share your email, address and phone number with infringers. We protect your privacy and keep your personal information safe. With CopyByte, you don't have to worry about who has your information again.

Experience That Counts

With 15 years of experience and countless clients helped. We've worked with nearly every host and seen it all. We can even anticipate potential problems and counter them in advance.

Transparent & Affordable Pricing

Our pricing both saves you money and prevents unpleasant surprises. Every DMCA notice is all-inclusive, including monitoring and any needed follow-ups. All for one affordable price.

A Complete Solution

CopyByte is a complete one-stop-shop for copyright and plagiarism needs. We can help monitor the web for infringements, provide strategic consulting and much more!

A Targeted Approach

At CopyByte, we believe less is often more. Our approach targets the worst infringers to ensure that you get the best results for your money.

The Personal Touch

You are not just a number to us. We work with you as a team. We don't want to be just your copyright agent, we want to be part of YOUR success.


10-49 Notices
For Moderate Infringement
Per Notice
50 - 100 Notices
For Significant Infringement
Per Notice
100+ Notices
For Rare Cases
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