Serving a Wide Range of Needs

With over 15 years of experience solving copyright and plagiarism issues, we've helped a wide variety of clients including content creators, academic institutions, legal firms, web hosting companies, content buyers and much, much more.

Though we are not a law firm, we can tackle a large number of copyright and plagiarism issues. Whether it's getting content removed, validating original work, helping craft new policies or helping you manage DMCA notices, we have services that can make your life easier and let you focus on your business.

Here is just a sample of the types of people we help.

Content Creators

Creative Solutions for Every Creative

Whether you are an artist, a writer, a videographer, a musician or anything in between you face a series of challenges and problems online. We can help whether you need assistance registering your copyrights, removing pirated copies of your work or help finding infringing copies.

We have the expertise to provide you a complete strategy that enables you to not worry about your copyright situation and focus on your craft. Best of all, we work with your attorneys to help save you time, money and effort.

We believe the less time you spend worrying about your work, the more you can spend on creating and growing your audience.

Editors & Content Buyers

Buy and Publish Content with Confidence

Whether you are an editor looking to publish a work or a buyer looking to obtain a book, website or other content in a purchase, it's important to ensure that what you are getting is free of plagiarism issues.

CopyByte can help. We have performed hundreds of plagiarism analyses and can check for issues in both textual and visual works. We can also provide additional services through technology partners to cover even more types of content.

If you are buying or publishing content, don't wonder if it's authentic. Call us today and find out with certainty.

Lawyers & Litigants

An Expert Witness with a Proven Track Record

CopyByte is not a law firm but regularly works with lawyers and litigants to both provide expert witness testimony and to help both save time and money.

The home of Jonathan Bailey, one of the world's leading experts on plagiarism-related matters, CopyByte proudly specializes in performing plagiarism analyses, producing court-ready reports and, when necessary, in court testimony. We can help you win your case.

In addition, law firms also contract out DMCA notice work to us as we are often cheaper, faster and easier than doing it directly. We also have more than 15 years of experience filing DMCA notices making CopyByte a natural choice.

Schools & Universities

More Than Just Detecting Plagiarism

Schools and universities face a slew of challenges when it comes to plagiarism. From education to deterrence to detection, schools have an obligation to not just help students avoid plagiarism, but to catch it and handle it when it does arise.

However, there are no simple solutions. Tackling plagiarism, as well as other academic integrity issues, involves a holistic approach that requires buy-in from all parties, students, teachers and administrators alike. We can help you craft just such a strategy and find ways to target your resources to better address plagiarism issues.

Also, Jonathan Bailey is available for speaking engagements, whether to faculty, staff or students. His knowledge about techniques for avoiding plagiarism and engaging with students on plagiarism-related issues has helped many schools

Non-Consensual Pornography Victims

Free Help for Victims

For victims of non-consensual pornography, CopyByte offers a free service to help secure the removal of private images, videos and other content. This service is done through a partnership with the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI), a non-profit that provides services and resources to victims of non-consensual pornography.

If you are in need of this service, please contact the CCRI directly as they can help determine if CopyByte is the correct solution and also provide additional forms of aid. If they determine we are a good fit, they will direct you to a form on our site that will enable us to get started.

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