Thorough and Accurate Plagiarism Analysis

Jonathan Bailey, CopyByte's main expert, has over 15 years of experience in performing plagiarism analyses and has worked in a wide variety of cases including academic tribunals, content acquisitions, legal cases and more.

We take a very thorough and methodical approach to plagiarism analysis. Sometimes, even the smallest passages can be an indication of a problem. Whether you need an analysis of a single 250-word paper or a multi-million website, we've done it before and will work to verify every word.

No matter the reason you need a plagiarism analysis, we can help. So drop us a line today and see what CopyByte can do for you.

Types of Cases We Help

Content Acquisition

Whether you're acquiring a company and its IP, buying a website or acquiring the rights to a book, you need now what you're buying before you make the purchase. We can either warn you of potential issues or give you peace of mind.

Pre-Publication Checks

Have a large project that you're about to publish? Be 100% sure it's free of plagiarism before putting it out into the world. We can help highlight any potential issues giving you a chance to fix them BEFORE they become problems.

Copyright Infringement

If you're building a potential copyright infringement case, we can help. We can perform an analysis of the works involved and determine the likelihood that one is based on the other.

Academic Tribunals

In many cases where schools accuse a student of plagiarism, an outside perspective is needed. We are well versed in working within the academic system and have worked with both students and schools to help bolster their cases.


Sometimes, a plagiarism analysis can be useful when learning about a work or its author. We have worked with historians and other academics to track the origin of various writings and find overlaps with earlier works.

And Much More

One amazing thing about plagiarism analyses is that every case is unique. So if you have a case that you think could benefit from a plagiarism analysis, send us a message below

Why Choose CopyByte

Reason 1: Diversity of Experience

No two plagiarism analyses are the same. The approach that works well in one case does not always work in another, no matter how similar they may seem.

At CopyByte, we have handled a wide variety of cases and performed an array of analyses that you will not find anywhere else. We've done everything from 250-word articles to multi-million word websites. We've checked textbooks, business plans, proposals, research articles, scripts, policy papers and much, much more.

Reason 2: The Best Technology

We have nearly a dozen different technology partners we work with to meet a wide variety of plagiarism analysis needs. The reason is simple: Since no two cases are alike, having so many tools gives us the flexibility to tackle anything.

This approach not only enables us to tackle a variety of cases, but also results in significant cost savings as we spend far less to achieve much better results.

Reason 3: A Focus on the Details

Finding plagiarism is difficult. Sometimes, the smallest copied passage can indicate a much bigger problems. Other times, large amounts of copying can be the result of something that is completely innocent.

As great as our technology is, it's the human factor that makes the difference as we go through each work thoroughly and take nothing for granted. Whether it's hundreds of words or millions, we put the focus on the details.

Reason 4: Honesty and Integrity

We live and die by our reputation. We know the only way our analyses are useful is if they can be trusted and we have strict policy of being paid for our time and expertise, not for guaranteeing a favorable outcome.

We routinely turn away clients that will only hire us if we promise to testify a certain way or ask us to change our results. We treat every case as if we will have to take the stand and testify.

If you have any questions, please check out Jonathan's blog, Plagiarism Today, to see just how serious we are about plagiarism and plagiarism analysis.


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Meet Jonathan Bailey

Meet the Man Behind CopyByte

Based in New Orleans, LA, he was originally an author and webmaster. Jonathan began fighting plagiarists and infringers of his work in the summer of 2000. In 2005, he launched the website Plagiarism Today, which grew into the largest and most prominent resource on the internet for those issues.

Since then, he has spoken at dozens of conferences, been certified as an expert witness in multiple states, helped hundreds of clients secure the removal of infringing material and helped companies create policies that both reduce internal plagiarism and outside infringement.

With decades of experience, he can help tackle almost any content misuse issue.

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