Some of the Ways We Can Help You

With over 15 years of experience, we realize that complex copyright and plagiarism problems require equally complex solutions. This is why we bring a whole toolset to the table. While we feel we are the best in all the areas we work, we believe our true strength is in the combination of solutions we provide.

Below are just some of the examples of how our clients have put our skills to use and how we can help you.

Whether you need one or more of our areas of expertise, contact us and find out how we can put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

Content Creators

Helping a Financial Firm Stop Widespread Theft

One of our longest-running clients is a financial services firm that created a large library of useful and popular content to both lure and educate clients. However, upstart competitors have a habit of stealing that content and it was harming their SEO.

We provided a simple solution that combines regular content-monitoring and content removal that has helped keep the wave of plagiarists at bay while minimizing both cost and headache. As a result, their SEO began to improve and their business continues to grow.

Editors & Content Buyers

A Healthy Website Purchase

A major player in healthcare education was purchasing a competitor. As part of that purchase, they were acquiring a site with over 17 million words and wanted a plagiarism evaluation of the entire site before buying.

Despite a tight timeline, we were able to perform a thorough analysis of the whole site. In this analysis, we called out a small handful of articles that had plagiarism issues but were able to clear the vast majority of the content. As such, the sale moved forward quickly and with confidence.

Lawyers & Litigants

A Messy Break Up, A Simple Case

Through our partnership with the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, we have helped hundreds of victims of non-consensual pornography remove images and videos from the internet. We work with victims all over the world to help them get a piece of their lives back.

Every case here is unique, but we've worked with dozens of websites ranging from popular social networks to small web hosts to get non-consensual pornography removed. We also work to scrub any record of the images from the search engines.

Schools & Universities

Speaking to Students and Teachers Alike

One high school, hoping to educate students about plagiarism and citation, brought Jonathan in to speak to the entire student body. In what was a very full day Jonathan spoke first to each grade level and then, at the end of the day, to the faculty.

Students learned a great deal about how to cite, including how to write in a cleanroom, and teachers learned techniques for detecting plagiarism without the need for advanced software and ways to craft plagiarism-resistant assignments.

Non-Consensual Pornography Victims

Free Help for Victims

For victims of non-consensual pornography, CopyByte offers a free service to help secure the removal of private images, videos and other content. This service is done through a partnership with the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI), a non-profit that provides services and resources to victims of non-consensual pornography.

If you are in need of this service, please contact the CCRI directly as they can help determine if CopyByte is the correct solution and also provide additional forms of aid. If they determine we are a good fit, they will direct you to a form on our site that will enable us to get started.

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