Content Creators

Whether you're writing content for your business, filming the next great movie or creating a hit song, CopyByte can help you protect your work and stop plagiarism and infringement.

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Content Buyers

Purchasing content for your site or your company? Verify it's originality to avoid publishing plagiarism and/or copyright infringing material. Save time and money by avoiding lawsuits, takedown notices and other headaches.

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Web Hosts

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provides valuable protection against copyright infringement lawsuits. Whether you need guidance on complying with the law or assistance doing so, CopyByte can help.

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Schools & Universities

Drafting effective anti-plagiarism policies and putting them into action is a daunting task for any school. CopyByte can help draft an implement a policy that will help reduce plagiarism at your institution.

Turn the Tide Against Plagiarism

Lawyers & Litigants

Have a legal case and need an expert witness? With over 10 years of experience, Jonathan has provided testimony in dozens of legal cases including federal, state and academic courts.

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Groups & Conferences

If you have a group that you want to educate on copyright or plagiarism issues, CopyByte can help. Having given a variety of talks all over the world, CopyByte can help educate your group.

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Consulting from the Mind Behind Plagiarism Today

CopyByte is Owned and Operated by Jonathan Bailey, the author behind Plagiarism Today, one of the top copyright blogs on the Internet

“Working with Jonathan is nothing like the typical experience of a co-worker or even a hired gun. He’s family now. While Jonathan is professional, that never gets in the way of his unique creative perspective, bringing a powerful voice and eye to every project. His insights on Copyright, blogging, social media, the law, and the industry we both work in is amazing. I often turn to him first for a clear point of view on an issue before writing it up myself. I willingly turn over many leads and issues to him to cover, knowing he can do it better than I can – by many degrees of excellence.”

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CopyByte is Not a Law Firm

CopyByte is a consulting firm that works with clients and their attorneys to help provide cost-effective and non-litigious solutions to copyright and plagiarism issues.