Meeting Diverse Needs

Copyright and plagiarism are complicated issues that demand complex answers. As such, we put our experience to work to build complete solutions that can help you solve your challenges.

To do that, we bring together a variety of services that dovetail together to help. Whether you need help in just one area of multiple, we can craft a solution that meets your needs.

Below is a list of some of the core services that we provide. If you don't see the service you want or need listed, feel free to contact us and see if we can help you. If not, we will find someone that can.

DMCA Takedown Services

Content Removal Made Easy

Have infringing material that you need to have removed? We can help.

We have been using the DMCA for over 15 years to get content removed from a variety of websites, search engines and more. Whether it's infringing listings on store websites, pirated media or stolen content, we can help take the infringements down.

Best of all, we offer transparent pricing and a track record of proven results.

Content Tracking & Monitoring

Find Out Who is Using Your Work

Whether you need to track piracy of your ebook, keep a watchful eye on your site's text or know who is sharing your images, we have a content tracking solution that can work with you.

CopyByte works with a variety of technology partners to provide complete coverage but we keep our focus on seeking out the worst and most damaging infringement. We work to give you a complete picture of how your content is being used with a heavy focus on finding the most important cases for you to be aware of.

DMCA Agent Services

Protect Your Site, Protect Yourself

Do you operate a site or service that hosts content uploaded by users? If so you need a DMCA agent.

Without a DMCA agent, you can be held liable for infringements uploaded by your users, even if you have no control over them. Taking a few moments to register a DMCA agent can not only prevent you from being liable but can save you expensive litigation.

CopyByte provides an affordable DMCA agent solution that not only handles all incoming DMCA notices, keeps your contact information private and puts some of the internet's biggest DMCA experts to work for you.

Plagiarism Analysis

Finding Plagiarism, Verifying Authenticity

Whether you need to determine whether or not a work is authentic, find the plagiarism of a known original work or better illustrate already-established plagiarism, we can help.

We've performed hundreds of plagiarism analyses over the years for a wide variety of purposes. This includes preparing reports as part of legal cases, verifying the originality of whole websites before purchase and testifying in both academic and legal courts.

If you need a plagiarism analysis, contact us and put our experience to work for you.

Expert Witness Services

Plagiarism & Copyright Cases

Jonathan Bailey has served as an expert witness in a variety of legal cases including contract disputes, copyright lawsuits and more. He has provided deposition, reports and in-court testimony as well as consultation on related matters.

Based in New Orleans, LA, Jonathan can easily travel to anywhere in the gulf coast area but is available for expert witness work anywhere in the country, including via videoconference.

Please bear in mind that, due to availability limitations, it's ideal to get in touch as easily as possible to ensure that we have both the time needed to complete the work and needed dates and times are blocked off.

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