For Web hosts, copyright can be a veritable minefield.

Though the law, through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), is fairly clear on what the responsibilities are for Web hosts, especially when it comes to removing allegedly infringing materials, it is extremely unclear as to how to meet those responsibilities.

Unfortunately, copyright complaints bring a series of challenges that are unique in its particular area of abuse. Not only are there challenges in meeting the requirements of the law, but in making the process as streamlined as possible while avoiding upsetting customers.

In short, copyright issues can be a serious headache for Web hosts. Not having a well thought out strategy to handle these issues can often end in the loss of time, money and customers while doing little to appease copyright holders. What is needed is a simple, efficient system that processes complaints quickly and handles them in a way that helps your customers understand the situation.

Fortunately, CopyByte is here to help with consulting solutions that can take much of the pain out of copyright complaints. Our services include:

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