Here is what just a few of my clients have had to say about me over the years.

“Working with Jonathan is nothing like the typical experience of a co-worker or even a hired gun. He’s family now. While Jonathan is professional, that never gets in the way of his unique creative perspective, bringing a powerful voice and eye to every project. His insights on Copyright, blogging, social media, the law, and the industry we both work in is amazing. I often turn to him first for a clear point of view on an issue before writing it up myself. I willingly turn over many leads and issues to him to cover, knowing he can do it better than I can – by many degrees of excellence.”

Lorelle VanFossen – Lorelle on WordPress

“Jonathan is a true expert in his field and is a great asset to any company or individual interested in content reuse issues. I would hire him again in a second – he always delivered for us, providing great value and reasonable rates.”

Rich Pearson – Attributor

“Jonathan’s many years of experience provide an excellent “real world” understanding of how copyright protection works on the Web. His abilities cover the spectrum from insightful strategic direction to the creation, documentation, and implementation of on-going processes targeted to your unique situation. He is especially talented at finding creative solutions that can earn revenue from infringement while avoiding unneeded conflict.”

Bill Taylor – Vortala

“Jonathan is a man of high integrity, a rare find these days. Honest and reliable, Jonathan gave us peace of mind when we entrusted him with certain matters related to our Pedal Magic business. We could be confident that what we hired him for would get done as he promised. He is a great contact and a source of a wealth of information. We wish Jonathan all the best as he continues to expand his network and develop his businesses.”

Reginald Joules – Pedal Magic

“I was privileged to have an opportunity to hear Jonathan’s webinar presentation also to speak with him live to gain his perspective and insights around the aspects of protecting various types of information, content and intellectual capital from theft and plagarism on the Internet. Johnathan has tremendous expertise, knowledge and experience in that area and is a great source of related resources, as well. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning more about the subject.”

Sheri Dresser, PHR, CIR – Dresser Search and Consulting