Jonathan Bailey, the CEO of CopyByte, is available for speaking engagements and has spoken with a variety of audiences at various conferences and events including:

  • Third and Sixth International Plagiarism Conferences (2008 & 2014)
  • European Medical Writers' Association (2014)
  • American Medical Writers Association (2013 & 2014)
  • Chemical Heritage Foundation (2013)
  • Specialized Information Publisher's Association (2008)
  • European Journalism Centre Innovation Journalism Conference (2008)
  • OpenCamp Dallas (2010)
  • WordCamp Dallas (2008 & 2009)

These talks have been on a wide variety of topics including the basics of copyright, finding free and legal material for your site, how to protect your works on the Web and how plagiarism is changing in the digital age. They have ranged in length from just a few minutes to all-day events with over six hours of speaking time.

All presentations can be tailored to your particular needs and interests but generally fall under one of two categories:

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