profilefull2CopyByte is owned and operated by Jonathan Bailey, best known for his blog Plagiarism Today, which has been in operation since 2005.

A writer, journalist and Web developer by training and education, Jonathan has nearly 15 years of experience in building Web sites and has built dozens of different home pages for a variety of purposes.

In 2001, following a personal struggle against a plagiarism of his work, Jonathan began to take up plagiarism fighting and dedicating much of his time detecting and stopping misuse of his content, having stopped over 700 cases of plagiarism of his own work in the past nine years.

In 2005, as a response to these issues and to aid others, he started Plagiarism Today and, due to high demand for his expertise, began to offer consulting services. In 2009, he joined CopyByte as the company’s manager and later took the company independent in 2010.

Jonathan currently works full-time for CopyByte, helping the company’s clients and continues to blog at Plagiarism Today as well as co-host the Copyright 2.0 Show.

For more information about Jonathan and his background, you can read his bio on Plagiarism Today.