CopyByte Featured in Gambit Weekly

Earlier this week, the Gambit Weekly, a free weekly newspaper from CopyByte’s home town of New Olreans, did a feature article on Jim Brown, Louisiana’s former Insurance Commissioner who now writers a syndicated weekly column.

According to the Gambit, many of Brown’s writings are either direct quotes or near quotes from earlier publications and are not attributed. To determine if the use was plagiarism, they called in Jonathan Bailey, who provided an analysis of some of the quotes and was featured heavily in the column.

Jonathan Bailey is a New Orleans businessman whose company, Copybyte, specializes in detecting plagiarism in journalism and academia. Gambit sent Bailey four representative samples from Brown’s columns, along with text from the originals to which they bore a resemblance. Three of the four were, in Bailey’s opinion, “pretty clear-cut examples of plagiarism — clearly copy-and-paste jobs with minor rewritings.”

You can read the full column here.